American Elite Wheels is a specialty wheel brand geared for all off-road vehicles. Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured to accommodate bolt patterns to fit all factory and lifted trucks, vans, CUV’s & SUV’s.
Our innovative styles are designed to offer durability, unparalleled performance & unique characteristics that will make you stand out from the crowd. Not only do our wheels look great, our industry specialist have designed these wheels with proper fitment as a top priority. Our available sizes range from 16” to 22” with widths ranging from 8” to 10.”
Whether you are a city driver or taking your vehicle off-roading on the regular, we are sure that we have the perfect set up for you. Our products are capable of taking on any road!
Our Team
American Elite Wheels was created by a small group of off-road enthusiasts looking to create a product that was a perfect combination of style and performance.
Having “been in the game” for over 17 years our team was extremely familiar with the market, demand, and the customer needs in the off-road segment.
Our motto “KEEP GOING” is simple yet impactful. We use it in on a daily basis for everyday tasks to our outdoor adventures. No matter the obstacle you just have to “KEEP GOING.”
Next time you’re having an off day, whether that is in the office or out off-roading, we hope you remember our motto and “keep going.”
Share your inspirational story about how you “keep going” for a chance to be featured.
Our Leaders

Meet Ivan

Ivan is an off-terrain aficionado. When not hitting the trails, you will likely find him at an off-road event or convention sharing his passion for the overland life with anyone willing to listen.
Ivan’s passion for the outdoors started in his homeland of Peru – which also makes him the best ceviche chef (hint hint – bring some to the office soon!)
Ivan is always willing to lend a helping hand and ready to winch someone out of a hole at a moment’s notice.

Meet Ralph

Ralph or Ralf or Ralphy or Rafael is a long-time wheel/rim enthusiast that loves to share his knowledge on fitment with the community. Ralph started in the industry when he was just 17 years old and is known for his over the top SEMA builds. From a lowered Stingray Corvette to a 12” lifted Chevy 2500, Ralph has done it all.
He claims to know every fitment for every vehicle in the book. Be our guest and test his brain! So far, we haven’t won any bets on our version of Fitment Trivia.

Meet Beau

Consistent recipient of Employee of the Month, our team leader Beau keeps the team in line. Although you’ll likely catch him sleeping on the job 90% of the day, you can count on Beau to make sure that daily lunches are catered, and that the office snack cabinets remain stocked at all times.